More information will be released on our social networks.

You can purchase NFTs that are available in our website.

With purchasing a SickSkull we will be working on an interactive project where all holders will be dropped in the metaverse. You can be part of our interactive community, participate in exclusive events, earn money holding and playing in the metaverse!

You can contact us by writing on our social networks! In addition we have connected all our personal profiles to the site.

Each skull is made of 8 traits: Eyes, Head, Clothes, Object, Hair, Teeth, Accessories and Background. There are 16 families (or professions) of Skulls and each one has its own 7 traits, except for backgrounds (x69) that are not belonging to the families.  16 families x 7 traits =  112 traits + 69 backgrounds = 181 traits in total

SickSkull's BIO will be drop simultaneously with the roadmap drop.

Our NFT will be available on the Solana blockchain. We want to publish on a platform that cares about the environment, and that has better gas fees: a transaction in Solana requires less energy than 2 research on Google and 24 times less energy compared to charging a phone. Solana will play a key role in the Web 3.0., many interesting projects are approaching the solana ecosystem, and many people think it will play a key role in the Web 3.0.

Discord is currently private, we want to build a solid foundation for our community and only those who are truly interested will be able to take a place in the SickFam.