AGE: 65

HEIGHT: 175 cm

WEIGHT: 72 kg

Xun was born in the slums of the ninja city, Iga. He grew up in an extremely poor family and he had no other choice but to steal food for his relatives.

One day, at a very young age, Xun was rummaging around in the pantry of a very big mansion when suddenly he was caught red-handed. With an incredible stunt, he smoothly managed to escape from the window and, without a backward glance, run away from that place.

All of a sudden, a wire got wrapped around his ankle, knocking him to the ground: the only one who succeeded in blocking Xun’s escape was the chief of a powerful ninja family who, thanks to Xun’s athletic skills, decided to avoid any kind of punishment and, instead, to invite our friend to join his clan and become a ninja.

Soon, Xun became the most notorious ninja in the whole county, way beyond the chief’s expectations: he successfully completed every task given by the clan. Xun, as well as every other ninja, was constantly wanted by authorities. One day he received an unexpected letter from the government in which he was offered to work with the institutions and, in exchange, they would grant him a normal life, without forcing him to hide away from authorities.

Xun decided to accept the offer, he was tired of living that criminal life. He started to do government’s dirty work, accomplishing every single mission without making any kind of question or having any sort of detail about his various objectives, until…

Xun was given the only task he didn’t want to complete: he had to kill the ninja chief who created and raised him. Xun engaged his target in a savage fight but even our friend, the most feared and deadliest ninja out there, had still a bit of humanity hidden inside: he was about to complete his mission but, for just a single moment, that bit of humanity stopped him, allowing the chief to stab Xun with his spear.


NAME: Alfreus

AGE: 59

HEIGHT: 185 cm

WEIGHT: 83 kg

Alfreus devoted his life to science, he was the most prominent and well-known biochemist in the whole world.

He founded an incredibly advanced and sophisticated research institute to study the complex chemical reactions at the basis of life cycle.

During the day he led the research institute, during the night he carried out experiments on human beings who were kidnapped by his team.

His deepest desire was to find a way to extend cellular life and archive immortality.

To do so, he was willing to sacrifice the lives of the innocents in the name of science: in his opinion, the end justified the means.

Alfreus was so influential and esteemed that he was able to find the best test subjects through his international connections: many powerful figures founded his studies from behind the scenes.

What the doctor could not foresee was the end of his own life, the same life that he wanted so bad to be eternal, caused by the explosion of one of his machineries.

The fire that erupted from the bang killed the doctor and burnt the basements of the institute


NAME: Ghel

AGE: 30

HEIGHT: 169 cm

WEIGHT: 64 kg

Ghel had taken the musical world by storm.

He was considered as the one and only Trap God for his innovative psychedelic music and explosive lyrics.

His music had reached every corner of the world and his tours were always sold out.

Ghel had music in his blood and he was born to express himself through it.

Every year he organized secret wild events for small elites, such as public figures, political personalities and various celebrities, to enjoy freestyle battles between the best trappers around.

During those kinds of evenings, privacy was the most important requirement because drugs, weapons and illegal stuff were a must.

Ghel succeeded in the amazing creation of specific sound frequencies that influence audience’s emotions…they could create anger, sadness, joy and so on.

Our favorite musician didn’t trust anybody, especially the members of his own crew, because he knew that someone could betray him at any moment. In fact, one day police forces received a mysterious tip-off, allowing them to break in Ghel’s thirtieth birthday party.

Rather than surrendering, Ghel played his music at full blast, creating anger and aggression in his public. The guests went nuts and some of them opened fire against the policemen, who in turn responded with a concert of bullets, the last musical piece Ghel ever listened to.

NAME: Silentus

AGE: 83

HEIGHT: 190 cm

WEIGHT: 85 kg

Silentus was the embodiment of justice and goodness, and everybody knew that. He spent his whole life fighting for the underdog and, obviously, crooked institutions, corrupted judges and others movers and shakers didn’t agree with this noble mission.

He knew at the bottom of his heart that, in order to achieve his utopic idea of justice, he would have had to fight on his own, outside the law and the court.
Silentus decided to take the law into his own hands. Every time that he learnt about unfair trials, in which the accused got convicted without credible evidences, he looked for whoever pronounced the sentence and smashed their head with his gavel, eager to balance back the scale of justice.

Silentus had always believed that there are judges in every world created by an unknown individual to enforce justice. However, not even his concept of justice could legitimize his actions: he hadn’t immediately realized that he had crossed the line by getting his hands extremely dirty. At the end, the same Justice to which Silentus had devoted his life, convicted our judge with death penalty.